COVID-19 Wedding Offer + Update | Read Me!

Hey y’all, we've made some posts on our instagram regarding COVID-19 and your wedding, but we wanted to reiterate it here for those of you just stumbling upon us!

To all of you who have weddings this year, we can only imagine what you must be going through. Our hearts have been so heavy knowing that this has meant having to postpone or contemplate postponing what was supposed to be one of the best days of your lives. We’re kind of at a loss for words because this entire thing has caught us completely off guard too. But the biggest, most important thing we want to say to you, whether we’re your photographers or not, is how sorry we are for what you’re going through. This is completely unfair, and just plain sucks. We’ve been brainstorming how we can help alleviate this for everyone, so here’s a couple things we want to offer.

To Our Couples,

If your wedding date is being affected by COVID-19, reach out to us. We are 100% willing to be flexible with your date so long as we have your new one available.

And, since we are finally in our new home near Joshua Tree, we’d love to offer a free elopement session if you come to us for any of our couples who have to postpone their wedding date! (Once the shelter-in-place has been lifted, of course!) Once your new wedding date comes, we’ll be there for that too, exactly as planned. We more than understand not wanting to wait for your new wedding date, and we want you to know that you absolutely don’t have to!

To Everyone Else,

If you have not booked with us yet but your date has been affected by COVID-19, we’re offering our California elopements for $1500 for photography and $2500 for photography and videography combined, again after the shelter-place is lifted! 🙂 We want to add the magic back into your wedding day and give you something to be excited for. You should be, after all, because getting married is pretty freakin awesome!

Reach out to us below or by email at We can’t wait to make something beautiful with you (whenever that happens)! Hope you're all staying safe & healthy. <3

All our love,

Savanna + Mitch

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