Malia + Derrik White Sands, NM Elopement

This is one of those elopement stories that will stick with me forever. Malia and Derrik decided to elope in this vast landscape known as White Sands National Monument. The entire landscape is like a minimalist abstract painting. The contrast of the two of them eloping with just an officiant and a tent was just so visually stunning. To get to this area where you can literally see nothing else except white sands, requires a little bit of a hike. When we finally got to the spot where we would set up, we realized we had forgotten something in the car. I wanted Malia and Derrik to have a little time to breathe, so I ran to the car. On my way back, I was running up a small dune and my phone started playing music from my iTunes. I enjoyed the music the rest of my jog and turned it off when I got back to our little basecamp. The elopement proceeded beautifully, but right when Malia and Derrik had their first kiss, my phone began to play “Plainsong” by The Cure super loud. At first I was a little embarrassed, but then I realized how fitting and beautiful the entire scene was. It’s funny how looking back, those unexpected little moments are what make the scene complete and you can’t imagine the day without them.

So kick back, hit play, and experience this beautiful elopement as I did.