Bekah + David Michigan Dunes Anniversary Session

As a wedding photographer, I pass in and out of people’s lives fairly quickly. It’s just the nature of the job. I always feel like I leave a part of myself with them and they leave a part with me. Sometimes though, I get the honor of shooting with them again after some time has passed, like this anniversary shoot I did with David and Bekah. Photographing their love is an extra special thing; not only is it beautiful by default, but I get to capture and document how their love has grown in the past years’ time. Seeing how David and Bekah have cultivated their connection makes it so much more rewarding and meaningful.

On a side note, there was another reason why this shoot was so special. I normally prefer to focus more on the couple in these blog posts, but this shoot marks the first session I’ve done with Savanna at my side. This shoot for us marks the start of something new, taking our partnership to new lengths in both life and love. I can’t help but sense a parallel; this session signifies growth not just for David and Bekah, but for Savanna and I, too. As David and Bekah forge forward into their marriage, we also get to forge something new. So, for this, I am especially grateful to David and Bekah. Their warmth and kindness welcomed us into this new adventure together, and it is something that we will absolutely, undoubtedly never forget.

I’m attaching a little song that makes me think of them. Press play, sit back and scroll their story.