Ken Ithipol + Anthony Rapp Engagement in New York City

Ken & Anthony's Engagement

Last month, Mitch and I had the honor of capturing Ken Ithipol and Anthony Rapp's engagement in New York City. It was very cold but bustling nonetheless. It's a city that stops for no one, so keeping with that theme, Mitch and I packed up our little fiat right after new years and drove to New York. We stayed for a day, had an incredible time with Ken and Anthony, and drove back home the next day. It was all super spontaneous and on a whim, but that's showbiz baby (lol).

I (Savanna) got my 200 RYT yoga teacher training with Ken a few years back in Redondo Beach, CA. We both moved to new places, but when I saw he was engaged to Anthony I had to reach out. You might know Anthony from, oh, I don't know... some little old movie/play called Rent, the tv show Star Trek: Discovery, and a myriad of other films, tv shows and theatre productions. Safe to say we were a little excited getting to meet him, and he couldn't have been more kind, delightful and down to earth.

A Genuine Love Story

Behind the photos was Anthony breaking out into random song (the best kind), many laughs and meaningful, heartfelt kisses. They have a passion that even we were only able to capture a glimpse of, as their love is so much more genuine and intense than what can be documented through photography alone. He and Ken both have such a sweet, funny, affectionate nature between the two of them. I think maybe that was our biggest takeaway from our time with them. To hell with constraint, with hiding emotions for the sake of social niceties. Ken and Anthony are who they want to be with each other, unapologetically, and we admire that beyond words.

So with that, here's Ken and Anthony Rapp's engagement story. Congratulations you two, and thank you again for the chance to capture your engagement.

Sit back, scroll, and enjoy this genuine, passionate love story. And if you connect with what you see, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to us here.

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