Sam + Dan Chicago Engagement

Getting to capture Dan & Sam's Chicago engagement felt like one of those special, fated moments where you meet people that feel like they've been your friends for your entire life.

And how could it not? Aside from them being super kind (and gifting us some Dark Matter Coffee -- how could we not love you after that), we realized more and more just how much we had in common with them. Dan comes from a background playing in bands in the metal scene, so that alone is awesome. Sam is a pilates expert and nutritionist (read: she makes amazing yummy looking food). And they're both self-made, which is maybe something that resonates with us the most. Both Dan and Sam are incredibly creative in their own rights, but they also have used their skills and talents to create something more and sustain their lives through. We find that pretty damn incredible, so getting to document their Chicago engagement story was really exciting for us.

Oh, they also have a pet bunny named him Boris Cannoli, and they have a soft spot for the desert. I think that might speak to the kind of people Dan and Sam are (our favorite kind).

Also, we have to throw a shoutout to Dan -- congrats on opening your new shop Caravanserai!! It's a new location of the Dark Matter Coffee chain, specializing in both espresso and Mexican Drinking Chocolate (that last part gets us way more excited than we care to admit). So, if you're in Chicago, go check them out! We'll definitely be planning a visit soon to come say hi!

Thanks so much to both of you for walking around the cold, windy city with us. We had so much fun exploring it with you and documenting your Chicago engagement story.

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