A24’s Midsommar Styled Shoot | Alternative Elopement Inspiration

Edgy Elopement Inspiration: A Love for All Things Horror

If you know us, you know that we have a love for all things horror. So when Savanna and I saw the film “Midsommar” from A24 this July, we immediately knew it was something we wanted to emulate through a Midsommar styled shoot of our own. If you’re looking for some weird alternative elopement inspiration, you’re in the right place. But before we go any further, if you haven’t seen the film yet, check out the trailer first here.

Almost everything about it seemed counterintuitive: from involving horror with love and weddings, to shooting in broad daylight (what we loving refer to as “no-no hour”). But for us, that was part of the appeal. After all, that’s one of the films themes: the contrast between light and dark; bright colors paralleled to cult-y evil. We loved the tango between the two, and the hurdles your mind has to jump to make sense of what you’re seeing. Everything is a light, warm, technicolor dreamland of dancing and laughing Swedes, but then something horrible happens that you can’t unsee, and you can’t quite decide which side you’re on. It was that contrast between light and dark that inspired us.

Not to mention, one of the first things that Savanna and I connected on was our mutual love for horror. So to us, the genre is synonymous with love because that’s how we spent much of our first time together. There is a home to be made within the spooky genre — which fellow horror lovers will understand — similar to the warmth many feel about fall and halloween. For some, drawing wedding inspiration from horror might seem strange, but for us, combining the two isn’t so far fetched.

The Work

Savanna and I took on the names of craftsmen, seamstress, hair & makeup stylists, and every other odd job in between. We hand-crafted the altar, maypole, table and bench out of pine. That ended up being quite a feat in itself, but luckily our high school geometry skills saved the day. Savanna sewed the bridal skirt from scratch — her first sewing project ever, actually (and maybe last). We mainly took on the jobs we normally would contact vendors for because this was a difficult project, and we could easily have creative control over the details by taking on those jobs ourselves.

The People

We were able to have two incredible vendors, however! The cake was designed by Krysta Young of Sassie Cakes, and florals were by Kari Geary of Ruby Moon Floral. We held the shoot on Kari’s farm in LaOtto, Indiana. Kari’s Daughter and her friends, Karmen Fletcher, and Julie Wall from The Hedge also helped with the shoot. 

Our models were my sister and her boyfriend, Sarah Colagrossi and Brandon Ortiz. Their love flowed so naturally through the entire shoot, which really made photographing them the simplest thing of all.

None of this would have been possible weren’t it for all these awesome people, and we are forever grateful. So scroll through our hippy, boho, creepy & unconventional Midsommar inspired shoot below. (And go watch the movie if you haven’t already!)

Fire Temple from “Midsommar” Original Score – Bobby Krlic