Best of Photography 2019 | Our End of Year Roundup

Best of Photography 2019: A Year of Beginnings

This year was a pretty big year for us, so we compiled our best of 2019 photography for you to check out. We started Colagrossi & Co. as our own business together, shot many weddings and engagement shoots, traveled to 17 states, kept Starbucks in business and spent countless hours listening to podcasts on road trips. We met some insanely awesome couples and made tons of new friends, started three other businesses together on the side, created and launched this website and spent a lot of time planning and dreaming about the future.

The last part here is probably key, because we spent a lot of time thinking about the future. Although sometimes that’s all we want to talk about (cue in our Henry’s date nights), it’s also so important to spend much of your time in the present. After how quickly this year has flown by, that’s probably our biggest resolution for the year to come.It’s about each morning when I wake up and Mitch has coffee already brewing for me. When we sit on the couch with our cat and softly ease our way into the morning. Or when we go to hot yoga and want to die but end up going back the next day. It’s the evenings when we cook together and end up laughing and singing in the kitchen. When it’s late at night and Mitch looks over at me, eyes bright, and asks if I want to go shoot some video around town just for fun. Yes, of course I do. We are so thankful for this life we’ve found ourselves in. And furthermore, we are so thankful to each and every one of you for helping us make it possible.

So in the name of being present, here’s a quick look back on our best of 2019 photography; our first year working together in this crazy wonderful business. Sit back, sip a beverage of your choice and scroll.


Savanna x Mitch

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